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Registration Incentive Program

American Hackney Horse Society Announces Registration Incentive Program


Attention all owners and breeders of Hackney horses and ponies! The American Hackney Horse Society is pleased to announce it is offering a registration incentive program. Between April 15, 2016, and June 15, 2016, the American Hackney Horse Society is offering its members registration of Hackneys of any age for a flat fee of $50.00.  The $50.00 fee includes both the registration fee and the fee for the DNA kit. 


Save on registration fees for weanlings, yearlings, two year olds, aged, and imported Hackneys by taking advantage of this program now. With this program, you can register and DNA your unregistered Hackneys for a flat fee of $50.00. Take advantage of this limited time program and save potentially hundreds of dollars.


Have an older unregistered mare or stallion you would like to breed but the cost of registration is too expensive?  You can register your Hackneys between April 15, 2016, and June 15, 2016, for a $50.00 fee and still have time to breed this season.  Have unregistered Hackneys you would like to sell? Enhance your Hackneys’ value by getting them registered now.  Have an unregistered Hackney you would like to show in the registered Hackney division? This is the perfect time to register!


To take advantage of this limited time offer, simply submit your completed application for registration, with full signatures, including the breeder’s certification, and your payment of $50.00, to the AHHS office and you will be sent a DNA kit.  Once the DNA has been completed and verified, your registration papers will be issued.  Incentive registration applications MUST BE POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE BY JUNE 15, 2016 and DNA KITS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15, 2016, or the registration and DNA fees will revert back to the normal fees.


For questions or more information, please call or email Ashley Redmon, Executive Secretary, at (859) 255-8694 or email


2016 NBF Nominations

Don't forget to nominate your Stallions and Mares for your 2016 National Breeders' Futurity Babies!

Follow this link to find the forms!


Cross Entry Rule Change

Cross Entry Rule Change Request

The American Hackney Horse Society’s (AHHS) request for a Presidential Modification to the USEF Hackney Division rule HK107.3 Cross Entering has been approved for the 2016 Competition year.  This Presidential Modification allows Hackneys to cross enter into other Hackney sections throughout the competition year.  However, cross entering at the same competition will not be permitted (exception: In Hand classes). 


This modification to the rule was unanimously supported by the AHHS Board during their November meeting.  They believe this modification will increase and encourage participation at competitions.  The Presidential Modification is for the 2016 competition year only.  This is a temporary solution granted by the USEF President until such time an official rule change can be submitted by AHHS and passed by the USEF Board of Directors.


2015 Junior Exhibitor Regional Championship Results

The results are in!

Check out the 2015 Junior Exhibitor Regional Championship Results for 2015.

Congratulations to all of our youth, have a great 2016!


Click HERE to see the results.


2016 LBS Stallion Auction Results

Bruce Almighty (25801) $400.00
Craycroft Romulus (25854) $600.00
Crystal Creek's Dr. Hill (27264) $700.00
Crystal Creek's Extreme (24885)  $500.00
DH Center of Attention (13641S) $1,450.00
Dun-Haven Dapper Dann (23170) $500.00
Dun-Haven Master Cadet (13285S) $300.00
Extremely Fine (23408) $750.00
Heartland Firewalker (25789) $1,300.00
Heartland Code of Ethics (25137) $1,000.00
Heartland High Tech (22606) $3,600.00
Heartland Reliant (26339) $300.00
Highly Respected LF (25423) $2,200.00
Hot Stormy Night (26855) $300.00
Junior Houston (26570) $300.00
Kenhurst Kilimanjaro (20276) $300.00
Kilbro's Johnny Angel (26411) $550.00
Koal (26771) $300.00
Regal's Centurian LF (26242) $300.00
Regal's Showman (26952) $300.00
Regal's Showtime LF (27563)` $300.00
Regal's Wild Cat LF (26839) $300.00
Romeo's Successor LF (23712) $300.00
The Spiderman (24898) $1,000.00
Truly Chosen (27485) $300.00
Twin Willow's Handsome Dan (23937) $3,200.00
WW Impressive Treasure (28225) $300.00
X-Tremely Impressive (26261) $1,200.00
TOTAL $22,850.00