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2015 LBS Results

LBS Pony Weanling   
1 Lady Joffe (28646) Mary Gaylord McClean
2 Franklin (28647) Golden Creek Farms, Inc.
3 Craycroft Madam Queen (28598) Mark Hyatt, MD
4 Arrowhead's Handsome Prince (28429) Melinda Moore
5 Showtime's Gotta Go (28635) Bing Crosby, D.C.
6 Showtime's My Bella Mia (28634) Bing Crosby, D.C.
7 Impressive's Hot Shot (28626) Jim Spurrier a/o Pam Ahrens
8 Graceful Elegance (28627) Jim Spurrier a/o Pam Ahrens
9 Pinnacle French Quarter (28644) Jeromy S. Smith
10 Late-Nite's Reign Check (28622) Roger Lucas a/o Edith Heath
LBS Horse Weanling  
1 Endeavor (H)(28648) Glenn A. Werry, Jr. 
LBS 3 Year Old Pony  
1 Justa Rascal (27691) Lambert Junior Schut
2 Ginger Rogers (27692) Lambert Junior Schut
3 Annalize (27653) Mary Gaylord McClean
4 Krystle Jewel (27626) Jim Spurrier
5 Star Supreme Lady (27594) Vern a/o Lynne Houston
6 Dirty Looks (27625) Andrew J. Lamps
7 Craycroft Manolette (27592) Mark Hyatt, MD. 
8 Jersey Mac (27536) Peason Waller
9 Showstar's Isabella LF (27629) Daniel a/o Leah Rae Light
10 Yankee Sport (27585) Jerald Elmer

Upcoming Youth Medallion Shows

Iowa Fall Classic Horse Show, LLC - September 11-14,2015 Iowa Equestrian Center

Wisconsin Futurity- Septemeber 17-20, 2015 Madison, WI

St. Louis National Charity - September 23-27, 2015 Lake St. Louis, MO

ASHAV- September 24-27, 2015 Lexington, VA

NC State Fair- October 21-24, 2015 Raleigh, NC

Octoberfest - October 29 - November 1, 2015, West Springfield, MO


Added Classes at the Bluefield Shrine Horse Show

It has been requested that the Bluefield Shrine Horse Show add harness pony and hackney classes to the show bill in addition to the roadster pony classes (including under saddle) and hackney pleasure pony driving classes. They are as follows:

9(a). Harness Pony

24(a). Hackney Pony

98(a). Hackney Pony Championship

111(a) Harness Pony Championship

Our show is affiliated with the Southeastern Hackney Association and counts for points.


AHHS Annual Awards

2015 Annual Awards Nominations


It is that time of the year to start thinking about our AHHS Annual Award nominations!

Below you will find the descriptions for the 7 available awards. If you know someone you would like to nominate please scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the nomination instructions.

**Note: Nominations will close November 1, 2014**


Anna Lee Spires Judd Amateur Exhibitor Award
Awarded to an exhibitor of Hackneys whose performances in the show ring set standards of competition, sportsmanship, and appeal to the general viewing public.

John H. & Maybelle L. Costello National Breeder Award
Awarded to a breeder of Hackneys who has created an impact on the breed as a whole by adding valuable characteristics and improving the Hackney through its development. This honoree will have raised notable individuals whose progeny have gone on to great success both in the
show ring and breeding world.

Junior Exhibitor Award
Awarded to a junior exhibitor who through his/her efforts has encouraged other youths to participate in the Hackney breed. This individual must exhibit outstanding sportsmanship, suitability to the division in which they participate, presentation of the entries shown, and work to enhance the promotion of the breed through their representation.

Lydia Luhman Pederson National Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to a member of the American Hackney Horse Society who without compensation contributed his/her energies into the improvement of the AHHS, its activities, and membership.

“Spirit Of The Youth Medallion” National Award
Awarded to a youth who has demonstrated an exceptional desire to participate with a Hackney. The first award was given in 2002.

Bill G. Robinson National Trainer Award
Awarded to a trainer who personifies the training and exhibiting of Hackneys for the year. The memorial award was first given in the year 2001.

Elsa Mikkelsen Distinguished Service Award

Awarded to a member of the American Hackney Horse Society who has contributed his/her energies to the promotion of the Hackney Horse or Pony.


Please send all nominations to:


Brooke Jacobs

930 Leesburg Pike

Georgetown, KY  40324

Or email to:


  • Nominations will only be accepted by mail or at this specific email address.  Please no phone calls or emails to a personal email account.


  • Please include the name of the award, the name of the individual, and explain why you think this individual should receive the award.


While only one award will be given to a person in any given year, nominees may be nominated for more than one award if they fit the qualifications


SEHA Breeder's Stake

SEHA Breeder’s Stake

SEHA Breeder's Stake Nomination Form

The Southeastern Hackney Association will be holding classes for three year old and four/five year old ponies at the ETSA Midsummer show. There will be eight classes offered with a nomination fee of $75. The classes offered will be Three Year Old Road Pony, Three Year Old Harness Pony, Three Year Old Hackney Pony, Three Year Old Pleasure Driving Pony, Four/Five Year Old Road Pony, Four/Five year old Harness Pony, Four/Five Year Old Hackney Pony and Four/Five Year Old Pleasure Driving Pony. The classes will pay prize money in the same manner as our Incentive Fund, with a starting portion of money from our fund plus all entry fees distributed among the competing ponies.

Program Rules:

Entries must be made on the SEHA Breeder’s Stake Nomination Form and sent to the SEHA Treasurer for validation. Stall and office fees are payable to the ETSA Midsummer Horse Show.

Entries must be owned and trained by a member of the SEHA.

A nomination fee of $75 paid to SEHA.

A copy of the pony’s papers must be included with your entry.

Entries must be made before the start of the show. The show may impose late fees according to its policies.

Class Descriptions: (all)

Three Year Old Classes:

Open to three year old registered Hackney ponies whose owner and trainer are members of the SEHA. Standard USEF rules for the various divisions apply.

Four/ Five Year Old Classes:

Open to four and five year old registered Hackney ponies whose owner and trainer are members of the SEHA. Standard USEF rules for the various divisions apply.

Entry Fee:  $75


Each class will have a base of prize money of $368, to which all entry fees will be added, and the total divided by the number of entries, with each pony receiving money as a percentage of the number of entries.



4 Entries

3 Entries

2 Entries

1 Entry

First Place





Second Place





Third Place





Fourth Place






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