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Due to the Rolex 3 Day Event, the AHHS office will be closed a half day on Thursday April 23rd and All day Friday April 24th.


2015 Youth Medallion Shows

2015 Youth Medallion Shows

Raleigh Spring Premier- March 18-21, 2015 Raleigh, NC

Pro Am Benefit Classic Horse Show- April 1-4, 2015 Perry, GA

Mid-America Spring Fling- April 2-5, 2015 Madison, WI

Citrus Cup- April 8-11, 2015 Newberry, FL

Oklahoma Centennial Horse Show- April 9-12, 2015 Oklahoma City, OK

JD Massey Classic Horse Show- April 15-18, 2015 Clemson, SC

River Ridge Charity Horse Show- April 22-25,2015 Columbus, OH

Des Moines Springfest Horse Show- April 23-26, 2015 Des Moines, IA

UPHA Chapter 5- May 6-9, 2015 Kansas City, MO

Bonnie Blue National Horse Show - May 6-9, 2015 Lexington, VA

FASH- May 7-11, 2015, St. Paul, MN

Heartland Classic- May 8-10, 2015 Springfield, OH

New River Valley- May 21-23, 2015 Dublin, VA

Madison Classic - May 21-24, 2015 Maidson, WI

Indianapolis Charity Horse Show- May 27-30, 2015 Indianapolis, IN

Nebraska Charity- May 28-30, 2015 Lincoln, NE

Chattanooga-Cleveland Charity- June 17-20, 2015 Cleveland, TN

CT Summer Classic- July 30- August 01, 2015 Springfield, MA

St. Louis National Charity - September 23-27, 2015 Lake St. Louis, MO

Octoberfest - October 29 - November 1, 2015, West Springfield, MO


Southeastern Hackney Association

News from Southeastern Hackney


Officers for 2015

President –Bo Lucas      336-516-4328

Vice-President- Carl Nichols-706-540-1460

Secretary- Sallie Turner-770-596-1896

Treasure-Charles Leonard-336-978-6581

Southeastern Hackney will continue with there incentive program this year with the following shows offering  the incentive money, ASAC in Clemson, S.C. New River Valley Horse Show in Dublin, Va. , UPHA Horseman’S Classic in Greensboro, NC., Bluefield Horse Show Bluefield, West Virginia, ETSA Midsummer Horse Show in Morristown, tn., and Southeastern Charity Horse Show in Conyers, Ga.  Please go to the site for all information and forms.

We will no longer have in hand futurity classes we will have a Breeders Stake at the ETSA Horse show in Morristown, Tn. For the 3 year old performance classes and also the 4 and 5 year old performance classes will be shown together. The classes that will be offered are Hackney, Harness, Pleasure Driving, and Roadster ponies. There will be a nomination fee  and added money will be paid out in each class.  Your Pony must be nominated and you must be a member of SEHA.  All forms and information are on the web site.

We will be reinstating our High Point  program for 2015, and this year is FREE to participate as long as the owner and the exhibitor are SEHA Members.  We have made that easy by putting a form on the website that you can fill out and submit online.  We will be giving out awards in all divisions .  Be sure and read the rules and nominate your ponies.


2015 LBS Stallion Auction Results

Stallion Donor  
All That I Am (27891) Terry Griesinger $300.00
Benjamin Button (26052) Karen Frickey $700.00
Brickell Romeo(H)(26631) Glenn Werry, Jr. $400.00
Captain Cool (26168) Roger Sims $300.00
Craycroft Romulus (25854) Mark Hyatt, MD $500.00
Crystal Creek's Dr. Hill (27264) Kathryn Nichols $1,500.00
Crystal Creek's Extreme (24885) Kathryn Nichols $1,000.00
D-H Center of Attention (13641S) Dr. Bing Crosby $300.00
Dun-Haven Dapper Dann (23170) Lambert Junior Schut $1,000.00
Dun-Haven Master Cadet (13285S) Dr. Bing Crosby $300.00
Dun-Haven Phenomenal (21730) Carl & Kathryn Nichols $1,500.00
Extremely Fine (23408) Mark Hyatt, MD $400.00
Fitz's Heart Throb (23370) Charles Fitzpatrick $400.00
Halstead Viking (H) (21196) Bruce Ekstrom $300.00
Heartland Code of Ethics (25137) Norman a/o Colleen Bray $650.00
Heartland Firewalker (25789) Jim Spurrier $500.00
Heartland Master of Disguise (23558) Rick a/o Michelle Medd $550.00
Heartland Reliant (26339) William Sanders $400.00
Highly Respected LF (25423) Mary Gaylord McClean $1,400.00
Kenhurst Kilimanjaro (20276) Patrick & Judith Kennedy $450.00
Kilbro's Image (22780) Kildow Stables $2,600.00
Kilbro's Johnny Angel (26411) Kildow Stables $850.00
Koal (26771) Christine Johnson $300.00
Late-Nite's Blank Check (20690) Roger Lucas $300.00
Mastercraft’s Anticipation LF (27738)  Daniel B a/o Leah Rae Light $350.00
Nightheir (12659S) Ryan Vogt $300.00
No Deposit No Return(H)(21010) Jeromy Smith $300.00
Nookwood Abracadabra (27667) Gary C. Porter, DVM $600.00
Priority Commander (13925S) Jerald Elmer $300.00
Raffles(H)(23361) Jeromy Smith $300.00
Regal’s Centurian LF (26242) Daniel B a/o Leah Rae Light $300.00
Regal’s Majesty LF (26844) Daniel B a/o Leah Rae Light $300.00
Regal’s Showtime LF (27563) Daniel B a/o Leah Rae Light $300.00
Regal's Showman LF (26952) Jerald Elmer $600.00
Regal's Wild Cat LF (26839) Zach Brumm $300.00
Seventh Heaven (M3780) Karen Brunton $450.00
Stapleford Chieftan(H))(23531) Jeromy Smith $350.00
The Chosen One (21433) Vern a/o Lynne Houston $500.00
The Spiderman (24898) Edward Ochsenschlager $1,500.00
Tri Mark (23288) Ella Stables a/o Bent Tree Farm $1,250.00
Truly Chosen (27485) Jim Spurrier $400.00
Twin Willow's Handsome Dan (23937) Mary Gaylord McClean $5,000.00
Woodbridge Denver(H)(25270) Jeromy Smith $300.00
WW Impressive Treasure (28225) Randy Wells $300.00
X-Tremely Impressive (26261) Jim Spurrier $800.00

LBS Auction Accepting Phone Bids

Do you see a stallion service you'd like to purchase, but can't make it to the auction in person? No problem! We are accepting phone bids for all stallion services.

Just contact one of the following to get your bids set up:

Rodney Hicks- 413-281-2658

Tom Lowry- 502-664-5078

Andy Freseth- 262-893-6124

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