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May 3-5 Oregon Horse Center's Spring Fling "Eugene, OR" Heather Engstrom 541-689-9700 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 4-5 The Arkansas Event 2013 "Mountain Home, AR" Sandy Grabow 888-775-6446 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 11-12 Area VI Club Show "Salina, KS" Heather Franklin 785-539-0423 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 11-12 Archview Shindig "DuQuoin, IL" Dolores Williams 618-806-3022 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 17-19 National Area VIII Show "Lynden, WA" Tracy Gutscher  "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
May 17-19 Nebraska Husker Show "Lincoln, NE" Tracey Slagle 308-624-0212 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 24-26 National Area VII Show "Norco, CA" Cyndi Phelps 951-536-4144 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
May 24-26 MCSBA Spotlight Show "Waterloo, IA" Merry Wicke 815-573-8007 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 24-26 MHPBO May Show "Ada, OK" Phyllis Beagles 580-399-8361 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 24-26 The Showcase of Minis "Bryon, TX" Tracey Slagle 308-624-0212 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 25-26 SMLEC Memorial Show "Lake St. Louis, MO" Dolores Williams 618-806-3022 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 25-26 Bluegrass Miniature Showcase "Liberty, KY" Sandy Grabow 888-775-6446 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
May 25-26 Area I Club Benefit Show "Harrington, DE" Vincent O'Bryan 302-670-8679 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 1-2 Area II Spring Fling "Greenville, OH" Christine Deeter 937-816-6234 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 7-9 National Area II Show "Ashland, OH" Jeanne Bragagnini 269-317-0002 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
June 8-9 SMLEC DuQuoin Show "DuQuoin, IL" Dolores Williams 618-806-3022 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 8-9 Area VI Club Show 2 "Broken Bow, NE" Heather Franklin 785-539-0423 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 14-16 National Area III Show "Ocala, FL" Ruth Owen 352-279-2734 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
June 14-16 National Area V Show "Glen Rose, TX" Tracey Slagle 308-624-0212 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
June 14-16 "WSPC ""Cavalcade of Ponies""" "Lynden, WA" Patricia Reiter 406-321-0866 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 15-16 CSPA Four Star Event Show "Gifford, IL" Merry Wicke 815-476-2593 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 15-16 Mich. Hackney ASPC/AMHR Club Sh "Centreville, MI" Jeanne Bragagnini 269-317-0002 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
June 21-23 National Area IV Show "Springfield, IL" Sandy Grabow 815-683-2141 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
June 21-23 Oklahoma Five Star Show "Ardmore, OK" Phyllis Beagles 580-399-8361 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 22-23 Annie Oakley Show "Greenville,OH" Christine Deeter 937-316-6234 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 28-29 Dixieland Mini Celebration ASPC/AMHR "Pendleton, SC" Laura Mullen 919-499-4777 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 28-30 Glacier Country Mini Horse & Pony Sh "Kalispell, MT" Robert Sutton 406-260-2408 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
June 28-30 National Area VI Show "Salina, KS" Heather Franklin 785-539-0423 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR"  
June 29th NY ESMHA Sam's Town Qualifyer Wknd "Syracuse, NY" Lea Dill 315-986-3206 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR" 585-739-9554 
June 30th NY CSMHPC ShowDown Qualifyer Wknd "Syracuse, NY" Lea Dill 315-986-3206 "AMHR,Classic,Modern,ASPR" 585-739-9554 
July 4-6 Blue Ridge Indepence Classic "Asheville, NC" Liz Holmes 919-672-3741  "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
July 5th Prairie Winds Summer Show "Brandon, MB" Holly Pierce 204-726-9897 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
July 5-7 National Area 1 Show "Harrington, DE" Vincent O'Bryan 302-670-2282 "AMHR,Classic,Modern, ASPR"  
July 6-7 Area II Summer Sizzler "Urbana, OH" Christine Deeter 937-316-6234 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
July 6-7 SMLEC Celebration Show "Lake St. Louis, MO" Dolores Williams 618-806-3022 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
July 7th Manitoba International Show "Brandon, MB" Mary Ann Bartewich 204-636-2448 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
July 10-14 ASPC/ASPR Congress "Des Moines, IA" Lenard Davenport 417-888-0686 "ASPC, ASPR, NSPPR"  
July 17-20 Ohio State Fair Triple Point "Columbus, OH" Judy Peters 614-402-1260 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
July 19-20 Summer Sizzler "Ada, OK" Phyllis Beagles 580-399-8361 "AMHR,Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
August 1-3 Montana State Fair - Triple Point "Great Falls, MT" Clifton Hanson 406-590-6934 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
August 9-10 Weber County Fair - Triple Point "Ogden, UT" Laurie Villalpando 801-985-9720 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
August 9-11 Arkansas Fall Event 2013 "Midway, AR" Sandy Grabow 815-644-6830 "AMHR, Colassic, Modern, ASPR"  
Aug. 19-24 The Great Drake Co. Fair "Greenville, OH" Christine Deeter 937-316-6234 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR" 

Oregon State Fair

Salem, Orgeon

August 29-31. This show will have ASPR classes for harness, roadster, pleasure & country in open, amateur and stake. It will be approved by the American Shetland Pony Club. There are also Hackney classes. 
Sept 20-22 Texas Bluebonnet Classic "Glen Rose, TX" Tracey Slagle 308-624-0212 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  
Oct 25-27 Halloween Spooktacular "Glen Rose, TX" Tracey Slagle 308-624-0212 "AMHR, Classic, Modern, ASPR"  


Seeking Nominations for Annual Award Recipients

All nominations for AHHS Annual Awards are to be Mailed: 1035 Station Point Lane Shelbyville, KY 40067, Emailed: or Faxed: 502-738-5777 directly to Maureen Campbell. NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED. The following awards are to be awarded at the 2012 AHHS/UPHA Convention in Nashville, TN.

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Hackney Ponies included in UPHA Ribbons of Service Program

Equitation and pony drivers can raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or the participant's selected charity.  Learn more here.


USEF Announces Roadster Pony and Hackney Roadster Pony Competitions Selected for Heel Measurements

From the USEF Hackney Committee


Lexington, KY - The USEF Hackney Committee has selected the six competitions at which heel measurements will be required of Roadster Pony and Hackney Roadster Pony Championship classes as defined by USEF Hackney and Roadster Division rules. The mandatory heel measurements will be taken from the first-place and fourth-place ponies in the following competitions in 2013:


* Bonnie Blue National - Lexington, VA (May 8-11)


* Midwest Charity - Springfield, IL (June 11-15)


* Lexington Junior League - Lexington, KY (July 8-13)


* Kentucky State Fair - Louisville, KY (August 18-24)


* All American Horse Classic - Indianapolis, IN (September 3-7)


* UPHA/American Royal National Championship - Kansas City, MO (November 12-16)


If you exhibit, own, or train Roadster or Hackney Roadster ponies, please review USEF rules HK133.4 and RD114.2 for further information about the requirement. These sections of the USEF Rule Book can be found online at the following links:

Information regarding the conduct of these measurements will be sent to managers and stewards prior to their respective competitions.


Please direct any questions regarding these USEF rules, or regarding the competitions selected in 2013, to Jennifer Mellenkamp, USEF Director National Breed/Discipline

Affiliates, via email at or by calling (859) 225-6955.  


2013 AHHS Trophy Sponsorship Forms

The 2013 American Hackney Horse Society Trophy Sponsorship Forms are located under Docs and Forms