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The Board of Directors had voted to move the National Breeder’s Futurity (NBF) and make significant changes to the program in October.  The NBF has been one of the cornerstone programs of the American Hackney Horse Society since 1973.  The location of NBF has been the Ohio State Fair since 1994, the Board of Directors felt a change in location would benefit the program and entertained two excellent proposals for a new location.  The proposal from the All-American Horse Classic held in Indianapolis, Indiana was accepted December 19, 2012.  Below are elements of the proposal and changes that were made to the program.  The American Hackney Horse Society would like to thank the Ohio State Fair for its contributions and commitment to the National Breeder’s Futurity during the years it hosted this important program.

The approved proposal with the All-American Horse Classic contains the following:

  • AAHC will add six hand classes and five performance classes, a total 11 classes to accommodate the NBF.
  • Provide a separate judge for the NBF and the Hoosier Hackney Futurity (HHF)
  • Promote the NBF through press releases and e-mail blasts.
  • Provide special stall rate for weanling, yearling and two year old entries of $75. (Regular rate $115). 
  • This is a five year contract (2013-2017) with option to renew.

In addition to the AAHC proposal a group of “Friends of the Hackney Futurity” (not associated with AAHC) has organized and committed to contribute a minimum of $10,000 for a minimum of three years to the NBF. 

The Board of Directors has also approved a buy-in provision for three years.  This will allow anyone who has not nominated in the program to participate by paying past fees and a penalty amount.  More details will be provided in the future.


Any questions or comments can be directed NBF committee members:

Vern Houston
Matt Schuckert
Rodney Hicks
Jay Kolkman



Attention:  AHHS Youth Medallion Trainers/Owners/Exhibitors

The American Hackney Horse Society Youth Medallion finals have been moved to the Mid America Mane Event Horse Show held at Springfield, Illinois on October 18 – 21, 2012. Any classes after the finals at Mane Event will qualify for the Youth Medallion finals in 2013.

The UPHA/American Royal Horse Show will still offer the AHHS Youth Medallion classes which qualify exhibitors for the 2013 AHHS Youth Medallion Finals.

 There will be a breakfast (with NHS Good Hands and Pleasure Medallion Finalists) for all Medallion participants.  The AHHS Youth Medallion committee is also working on putting together another function for all the Youth Medallion participants at Mane Event.

AHHS Youth Medallion Committee:

Maureen Campbell-Chair

Amy Weiler

Jessie Richardson


   If you have any questions, feel free to call Maureen Campbell (502)738-5777 Barn (502) 376-2892 Cell or email


Becoming an AHHS Board Member Is An Excellent Way To Give Back To The Breed

Attention AHHS Members:

Each year the AHHS Nominating Committee is in charge with selecting nominees to run for the American Hackney Horse Society Board of Directors.  Our board is a “working board” as every member must invest their time and talents chairing at least one committee. There are a minimum of four meetings per year, which teleconferencing is available except at the Board of Directors Spring meeting. This meeting is mandatory due to the assigning of AHHS committees.

Board members can only miss one meeting each year. Failure to attend meetings can result in removal from the board.

To be eligible for nomination a person shall have been a member of the American Hackney Horse Society for at least (3) consecutive years as of the date of the next annual meeting.

Becoming an AHHS board member is an excellent way to give back to the breed.

If you are interested in being considered as a nominee, please contact Maureen Campbell (Nomination Committee Chair) by phone 502-738-5777 barn, 502-376-2892 cell, or email





The United Professional Horsemen’s Association (UPHA) hopes that everyone is enjoying a great start to the 2012 show season. Please note that there is a possibility that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will be attending and observing at several of the American Saddlebred, Morgan and Hackney Pony horse shows across the country.  As you meet and greet these Federal employees please be kind and courteous and represent our breeds with the class they deserve.

The UPHA along with officials from ASHA, AHHS and AMHA are reminding all horsemen of the importance to fully understand the rules and regulations contained in the Horse Protection Act (HPA).  The HPA applies to all horsemen at all times. The rules and regulations contained in this Federal Law can be found at the following website:

With the recent heightened sensitivity regarding equine welfare we need to remind the outside world how much effort and care goes into the welfare of our horses and exhibit those same actions at all times.

As always the UPHA prides itself in keeping our membership fully informed and up to date on the daily happenings within the equine industry. Please remember the foundation slogan of our organization is “Horsemen Helping Horsemen” so let’s all work together to help each other not only abide by the rules set forth in the Horse Protection Act, but also keep the general public’s perception at the forefront at all times.

Best of luck this show season!


Limited Breeders Stakes "Mare Lease" Program

The AHHS Limited Breeders Sweepstakes committee is continually searching for ideas to increase participation and promote the LBS.  It has been suggested that individuals might consider program participation, but do not currently own a mare to breed. The LBS Committee has assembled a list of mare owners that have mares available for lease.  The individuals with mares available for lease are listed below.   Additional names will be posted as they are received. All lease negotiations are between the mare owner and leasee.  The  LBS committee simply provides the list of individuals with mares available for lease.The following individuals have mares available for lease.


                 Jay & Pat Kennedy
                       Kenhurst Farm (765.759.9601)  
                 Kathryn & Carl Nichols
                       Crystal Creek Farm (760.540.1460)
                 Steve & Bill Kildow
                       Kildow Stable (765.620.5779)    
                 Roger Sims
                       Kilkenny Kells Farm (859.325.3767)
                 John & Diane Owens
                       Whippoorwill Farm( 920.582.4468) or (320-260-5112-cell) 
                 Julie Wilson
                       Shamrock Farm (502) 845.2174 
                 Dr. Matt Taylor
                       Taylor Pony Farm (517) 448.2102 (Leave message if no answer)
                 Dawn White (312) 948.5078           
                 Dan Light
                      Light Farms (847)366.0737        

                 Liz Allanson (770) 639-7939            

                 Nicole Laver (859) 462-7228           

Additional participants will be added as they are received.