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There Is Nothing Like A Hackney

The first sight of a Hackney has always engendered a cry of “What is that?” The crisp action of the trot, knees raised high at each step, hind quarters powerfully propelling, amazes the first time Hackney viewer.

Hackney horses are magnificent as carriage animals, but in past years have been on the endangered species list for horse breeds. Now, with the growing interest in carriage driving, Hackney horses are being sought out for their glamour and presence as singles, pairs, and fours. Admired for their versatility, their numbers are increasing. American broodmare bands are once again in production.

Hackney ponies, a small power-packed version of the Hackney horse, have been prized as show ponies and childhood companions. They are a good value, for they are easy to keep, stay sound and healthy into old age, have delightful personalities, and possess loveable characteristics. They may be trained to ride or drive and love to be petted, groomed, and handled. A Hackney pony can be a best friend whether you are young or old.

There is just nothing like a Hackney, and the allure is magnetic. The bright spirit, the gentle eye, the intelligence are all part of the winning package which draw both young and old to the Hackney.